Expecting very much from top most waited 2014 videogames

Top most waited 2014 games

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 will be the ending chapter of the story of Geralt of Trivia. It will go out just for next-gen consoles and also PC. It's expected to own an improved graphics and also open-world structure.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs should have gone out in 2013, but Ubisoft delayed it, to be able to improve and end the development in a greater way. Thus, the video game will probably go out in an unknown date in Q2 2014. It's a new IP by Ubisoft, and then from the information along with game play, evidently Ubisoft is certainly committing to make it excellent.

Infamous: Second Son

The very first chapter of Infamous was a bit repetitive, nevertheless the concept guiding the video game was good. With Infamous 2 Sucker Punch made a fantastic videogame, with thanks to the enhanced gameplay aspects and also the new, different level design. It is currently the round of the 3rd chapter, which actually from the trailers seems amazing. Will it fulfill the expectations?


Titanfall is really an online multi-player game produced by Respawn Entertainment, that is focused on a first person shooter gameplay. In every match there's a maximum of 12 participants. The players can easily jump on walls, so the video game is focused on verticality. Then there are the Titans, giant mech soldiers managed by the players, which can quickly overturn the destiny of a match.

Quantum Break

An additional game we're awaiting Xbox One is Quantum Break. The launching date is just not set yet, nevertheless it should be revealed inside 2014 based on our own info.

Halo 5

The 5th main chapter of the Halo series will likely be published somewhere in 2014, however we do not know nearly anything a lot more about it. Since fans of the Halo series, we are expecting very much from it.


Destiny isn't a common fps or perhaps mmorpg. It is just a combination of them. Destiny, as outlined by many gamers, will definitely transform the fps world, due to its open-world asset and its rpg features.

Tom Clancy's The Division

And then another video game we're looking forward to is definitely The Division. The new massively-multiplayer-online role-playing videogame fascinated us and lots of various other gamers. (Sidenote: indeed, the video game has not been scheduled to be launched for PC at the announcement. Just as a result of an online petition signed by 140000 people Ubisoft chose to put out it for PC.)

the division release date ps4

The Order 1886

The Order 1886 is an action-adventure videogame made by Santa Monica Studios (yes, the identical of God of War). It really is put in an atypical London, within an alternative world.


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