Movies Anxiously Waited In The New Year

2014 Movies you must see

A new year has just began. Now let's take a look ahead which movies are generally the most anxiously waited by people.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The new chapter of the X-Men series will likely be introduced on May 23. It will deal with a massive fight that will make current as well as earlier X-Men friend, to modify the past and save the future of the planet.

300: Rise of an Empire

Many of us wouldn't expect it, nevertheless it's official now: 300's sequel will certainly emerge this year. It'll concentrate on Themistocles and also Artemisia I of Caria. Xerxes I of Persia will definitely come back too, and we will get to know something regarding his past. The film will cover the struggle of Thermopylae, the fight of Salamis and possibly the battle of Marathon, too.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

When I was young I feared apes. I imagined they were bad, I imagined they might overcome the entire world and kill the humankind in some ways. Once I grew up, on the other hand, I realized how the true evil ones are definitely the human beings. Therefore, I am looking towards this movie, I want to discover how the earth could have changed if apes dominated it. The movie is coming out on July 11.

The Hobbit: There And Back Again

The movie will be the last adaptation from the Lord of The Rings world. The title derives from Bilbo's volume There And Back Again: a Hobbit's story. It'll be released on December 17.


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