Finishing Beyond: Two Souls in various ways


Guide to all Beyond: Two Souls endings

A number of you asked us what we think regarding Beyond: Two Souls, we replied it has been upon our personal top 5 games of this year. Why then not do an article regarding it? Here we are currently, describing you the way to get all the different endings of the game.

Everyone Lives - Chose Beyond

You have to select "Beyond" at the end of the game, leaving everybody live:

1. Walter & Jimmy - Rescue the first on the first floor of the building on fire in chapter "Homeless", recovery the second one on the second floor.
2. Paul - Save him healing his injuries with Aiden, at the end of the chapter Navajo.
3. Save Norah within the "Norah" chapter, through not halting the heart of your mother.
4. Save Cole by curing his injuries within the chapter Black Sun, then later on tell Dawking to Move two times, Ryan will appear right after his death.

Everyone Dies - Chose Beyond

Obtain this ending allowing Walter, Jimmy, Paul, Norah, Cole and so Ryan die. Consequently at the end select "Beyond".

Within the latest chapter of the game, don't solve just about any QTE, Jodie will die and you will obtain this additional final.

Live with Jay

Enable everyone live or die - it really is not important -, at the conclusion select "Life" and choose to spend your lifetime with Jay.

Live with Zoey

Opt to spend your lifetime with the just born Zoey, after you have chosen Life.

Live Alone

Opt for Life after the video game, and so spend your leftover life by yourself. You make the others live or die.

Live with Ryan

Enable everyone (with the exception of Ryan, that has obviously to live) live or die, then opt for "Life" and choose to spend your life together with Ryan.

Google presents Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G Review

I think it was in August 2012 that Google acquired Motorola. Almost everybody expected something amazing by this company (who had said the recent Nexus?). But nevertheless afterwards, certainly no new Nexus was introduced, and neither a top-class device, but also a newer, cool, low-end device.


Moto G features a built-in Snapdragon 400 processor and an Adreno 306 GPU, to obtain rapid performances together in computational and also design tasks. The hardware is definitely not top-notch, though concurrently will surely never ever disappoint you (It's actually a quad core!).

Moto G features 1GB of Ram memory and an internal memory (non-expandable) of 8/16 GB.

Very best thing about this mobile phone is surely its display. Motorola didn't economize on the display: certainly, it provides a shiny as well as brilliant panel, which features specs of a high-medium tier device, such as the 1280*720px resolution, the contrasts and the black point.

A 2070 mah battery is situated within the back cover, enabling the phone go through a day with little problems. Regrettably, it hasn't already NFC or maybe LTE.


In contrast to various other high-quality devices made from plastic (*coughing* Galaxy S4... *coughing*), the device is very handy. It does not equip a big display, therefore its measures are restrained.

The phone can be purchased in numerous colors.

Performance and Software

There is really nothing to point out regarding Motorola's software, that works a lot better than its rivals.

It handles the RAM well, closing needless apps without creating delays. Whatever task you are asking this smartphone to do, it won't make you wait almost any seconds.


Motorola provided a 5 Mpx camera in the Moto G, in addition to a 1,3 Mpx front camera. However even though it hasn't top-notch camera specs, the photos (in very good situations) are general good for the purchase price.


The price of the device is actually unbelievably good, at 179/199$ for the 8/16 GB version. At this cost, it definitely overcomes the competition.
Do we advise it? Absolutely yes!

Final Mark: 9

Battlefield 4 - Guide to the Levolution system

Battlefield 4 Levolution Guide

Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter videogame. Battlefield 4 is the sequel to Battlefield 3, Created by EA and invented by DICE.
It is a very well known video-game, however it isn't easy to get it 100 % free.

Gameplay characteristics

Contrary to its prequel, this specific episode of Battlefield have got new features. In Battlefield 4, you are able to counter melee assaults. Moreover, you should use dual-scoped guns and even you'll be able to swim underwater.

The multiplayer contains three groups where you can stand: Russians, Chineses or Americans. In the multiplayer, it is possible to choose wherever you'll stay: Russians, Chineses or Americans.

It has been included even the new famous gameplay mechanic, the "Levolution". Favor the player, dynamically change the battlefield, thus changing, even so, significantly physiognomy of the map, are all features of Levolution.

We found exactly the same four kits from Battlefield 3: Engineer can be utilized with PDWs; Assault has now to attend to recharge his defibrillator until utilizing it; the Recon is able to use more accessories and optics to his sniper rifle, as well as make use of carbines and C4; Support is able to use remote mortar.

Attack jet and stealth jet are actually added in Battlefield 4, together with completely new vehicles and aircraft. Personalization has been enhanced, and now all of the vehicles and gun may be customized using camos.

The most important innovation within Battlefield 4 is surely the morphology of the video game map: let me analyze it.


The most important Levolution occasion within this map is made by increasing the pression of two pipes located in an subterranean passage, in the proximity of flag B and then D.

Flood Zone

Attack the levee positioned to the North of flag B. Water definitely will flow and then flood the whole map, hence the infantry will likely need to battle through the homes of the structures.

Golmund Railway

If you like fireworks and explosions, you might like to detonate a few explosives put throughout the map. This is the greatest Levolution event through this map.

Hainan Resort

Have you ever considered hotel prices are way too high? You can obtain vengeance on them, simply by destroying their own right or left side.

Lancang Dam

Damage the levee situated to the North of the map. The water definitely will flow and consequently the levee will definitely block part of the map.

Operation Locker

The main Levolution event in this map is made by just destroying the guard structure which houses flag C.

Paracel Storm

In order to induce the Levolution system in this particular map you must overwhelm the actual windmill on fire through the storm. Your own ship will joyfully crash together with the building close to flag C.

Rogue Transmission

The biggest Levolution event in this particular map is made by destroying two of the three cable groups based close to flag A and also E (every group consists of five wires).

Siege of Shangai

Destroy the pillars of the giant skyscraper nearby flag C. The building will definitely collapse and a dust will cover the vast majority of the map.

Zavod 311

Detonate the bomb by simply triggering the countdown within the laptop situated nearby flag D. The chimney will drop, blocking the route backward and forward the structures for vehicles.

Reviewing Best Devices In The Past Year

Best 2013 smartphones and tablets

Display Size 4" - 6"


And the smartphone that gets the final prize is... The HTC One. The HTC One was released back in February 2013 and so made available in March. It features a Snapdragon 600 Processor, 2GB of Ram memory, a 4.7" FullHD display along with an Ultrapixel camera. Exactly what is the latter? The Ultrapixel camera is essentially a 4 Mpx camera with larger pixels, which permit you in order to take lighter photos. The device also offers two frontal speakers whose sound is loud and clear.

htc one m7

Display Size 6"- 8.3"

LG G Pad 8.3

And LG takes the 1st spot on this category, with the only tablet it released this year, the G Pad 8.3. Introduced at only 299$, it really is equipped with a Snapdragon 600, 2GB of Ram memory including a FullHD 8.3 inches display. It is the big brother of the G2, so it inherit all the function of the smallest brother.

Display Size 8.3"- 10.6"

Nokia Lumia 2520

The first spot for this last category is taken by the Nokia Lumia 2520, the first tablet of the Finnish multinational. It is designed with the Snapdragon 800 CPU, a 10.1 inches FullHD display, 2 GB of Ram memory and a 6.7 Mpx rear camera, the best among tablets' cameras. It has the latest version of Windows, with totally free Microsoft Office. Nokia included few personal apps into the tablet, diversifying it from the other Windows tablets. It has the sim card slot, too.

nokia lumia 2520 uscita

Tutorial - Ways to make money in GTA 5

How to make money inside GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the top video games of the last year. For this reason I received lot of request from you to write down a making money manual on this beautiful video game. Yet let's get down to brass tacks!

Hidden Packages

Scattered round the map (generally in unusual locations) there are packages that contains money. Grab them so that you can make many fast bucks.


All through the major missions of the story, Lester will offer you Franklin to complete several side assassination quests. With this quest, you are often harming an organization and favoring a different one. Invest in the company harmed right after the mission, and in the organization desired prior to the quest.


Invest in the Merryweather Security right after the completion of the game: their own stocks will certainly fall down, letting you acquire a lot of them, and then their own value will definitely raise up once more.

Rob people nearby ATMs

When you see a guy in front of an ATM, whip him and so rob him. You can expect to obtain a bundle of money.


Within GTA 5 there are many supermarkets which can be conned. Aim to the cashier and consequently wait until he accumulates the amount of money. Then simply escape. By trying to rob once more a previously conned shop, take care considering that the clerk may have obtained a weapon.

Complete the Heists

If you're still a beginner and you just don't know how to make money, you might like to be aware that you might earn a lot of that by filling out the very first heist in the video game.

Steal an armored truck

Armored trucks appear randomly on the map, it is possible to instantly identify them. Shoot the drivers, place an explosive on the backside of the truck and then burst it, then simply obtain the cash.


Saving is the perfect earning method. And so here is a advice: within a task, check out Ammu-Nation and purchase the upgrades of your weaponry. Then simply kill yourself and so retry the quest. Check out Ammu-Nation and you will start to see the upgrades marked as purchased.

Listing best game titles of all Playstation's launch lineups


Comparing Playstation's launch lineups

Sony revealed and then launched six video games consoles over the course of two decades. Several of them totally unsuccessful, several of them became popular. And one regarding the most crucial component that rule the success of an innovative platform, is its launch lineup. Let's just review Sony's launch lineups.


The earliest Playstation was released on 9th September, 1995. PS One didn't have a big launch lineup, yet certainly we can easily discover many pearls, that would start to sparkle some time right after (we are plainly mentioning Rayman).

Game Publisher
Battle Arena Toshinden Sony
ESPN Extreme Games Sony
Jumping Flash! Sony
Kileak: The DNA Imperative Sony
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Acclaim
Rayman Ubisoft
Street Fighter: The Movie Acclaim
The Raiden Project Sony
Total Eclipse Turbo Crystal Dynamics
Zero Divide Time Warner Interactive

Playstation 2

After 5 years from the previous gaming console, Sony attempted to nail it once again. And so they essentially made it. The playstation 2 is one of the most renowned games consoles of the history.

playstation 2 prezzo mediaworld

Game Publisher
Armored Core 2 Agetec
DOA2: Hardcore Tecmo
Dinasty Warriors 2 Koei
ESPN International Track and Field Konami
ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding Konami
Eternal Ring Agetec
Evergrace Agetec
Fantavision Sony
Gungriffon Blaze Working Designs
Kessen EA
Madden NFL 2001 EA
Midnight Club: Street Racing Rockstar
Moto GP Namco
NHL 2001 EA
Orphen: Scion of Sorcery Activision
Q-Ball: Biliards Master Take Two Interactive
Ready To Rumble Boxing: Round 2 Midway
Ridge Racer V Namco
Silent Scope Konami
Smuggler's Run Rockstar
Street Fighter EX3 Capcom
Summoner THQ
Surfing H3O Rockstar
Swing Away Golf EA
Tekken Tag Tournament Namco
TimeSplitters Eidos
Wild Wild Racing Interplay
X-Squad EA

Playstation Portable

Within 2005 Nintendo was basically ruling the portable games consoles market, so Sony thought to enter it, featuring its first portable console, the PSP.

Game Publisher
Ape Escape: On The Loose Sony
Darkstalkers Chroncile: The Chaos Tower Caocom
Gretzky NHL Sony
Lumines Ubisoft
Metal Gear Acid Konami
NBA Sony
Need for Speed Underground: Rivals EA
NFL Street 2 Unleashed EA
Ridge Racer Namco
Spider-man 2 Activision
Tiger Woods BGA Tour EA
Tony Hawks's Underground 2 Remix Activision
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Sony
Wipeout Pure Sony
World Tour Soccer Sony

Playstation 3

The PS3 did not have the envisioned achievement when it arrived, mainly due to its high price along with poor lineup. And additionally Sony paid for this mistake. Nevertheless let's have a look at the launch lineup:

Game Publisher
Call of Duty 3 Activision
Genji: Days of the Blade Sony
Madden NFL 07 EA
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Activision
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire Namco
NBA 07 Sony
NBA 2K7 2K Sports
Need for Speed Carbon EA
NHL 2K7 2K Sports
Resistance: Fall of Man Sony
Ridge Racer 7 Capcom
Tiger Woods BGA Tour 07 EA
Tony Hawks's Project 8 Activision
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Sony

Playstation Vita

The launch lineup of PSVita back in 2012 was wonderful: we could immediately figure out a video game from the Uncharted series, and also for the homesick ones, a new Rayman.

Game Publisher
Army Corps of Hell Square Enix
Asphalt: Injection Ubisoft
Ben 10: Galactic Racing D3
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Ubisoft
Dinasty Warriors Next Tecmo Koei
Escape Plan Sony
F1 2011 Codemasters
FIFA Soccer EA
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Sony
Hustle Kings Sony
Lumines: Electronic Symphony Ubisoft
ModNation Racers: Road Trip Sony
Michael Jackson: The Experience Ubisoft
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Tecmo Koei
Rayman Origins Ubisoft
Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Namco Bandai
Super Stardust Delta Sony
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Sony
Touch My Katamari Namco Bandai
Ultimate Marves vs. Capcom 3 Capcom
Uncharted: Golden Abyss Sony
Virtua Tennis 4 SEGA
Wipeout 2048 Sony

Playstation 4

The launch lineup of the next-gen Sony's gaming console was huge, last year. We could notice a great exclusive, Killzone, as well as other multi platform games.

Game Publisher
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Ubisoft
Battlefield 4 EA
Blacklight: Retribution Zombie Studios
Call of Duty: Ghost Activision
Contrast Focus Home
DC Universe Online Sony
DiveKick One True Game Studio
Escape Plan Sony
Flow Sony
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Warner Bros.
Just Dance 4 Ubisoft
Killzone: Shadow Fall Sony
Knack Sony
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Warner Bros.
Madden NFL 25 EA
Minecraft Mojang
NBA 2K14 2K Sports
NBA Live 2014 EA
Need for Speed: Rivals EA
Pinball Arcade FarSight Studios
Playroom Sony
Putty Squad System 3
Resogun Sony
Sound Shapes Sony
Super Motherload XGen Studios
Switch Galaxy Ultra Atomicon
Tiny Brains Spearhead Games
Warframe Digital Extremes
War Thunder Gaijin Entertainment

Movies Anxiously Waited In The New Year

2014 Movies you must see

A new year has just began. Now let's take a look ahead which movies are generally the most anxiously waited by people.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The new chapter of the X-Men series will likely be introduced on May 23. It will deal with a massive fight that will make current as well as earlier X-Men friend, to modify the past and save the future of the planet.

300: Rise of an Empire

Many of us wouldn't expect it, nevertheless it's official now: 300's sequel will certainly emerge this year. It'll concentrate on Themistocles and also Artemisia I of Caria. Xerxes I of Persia will definitely come back too, and we will get to know something regarding his past. The film will cover the struggle of Thermopylae, the fight of Salamis and possibly the battle of Marathon, too.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

When I was young I feared apes. I imagined they were bad, I imagined they might overcome the entire world and kill the humankind in some ways. Once I grew up, on the other hand, I realized how the true evil ones are definitely the human beings. Therefore, I am looking towards this movie, I want to discover how the earth could have changed if apes dominated it. The movie is coming out on July 11.

The Hobbit: There And Back Again

The movie will be the last adaptation from the Lord of The Rings world. The title derives from Bilbo's volume There And Back Again: a Hobbit's story. It'll be released on December 17.
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