Battlefield 4 - Guide to the Levolution system

Battlefield 4 Levolution Guide

Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter videogame. Battlefield 4 is the sequel to Battlefield 3, Created by EA and invented by DICE.
It is a very well known video-game, however it isn't easy to get it 100 % free.

Gameplay characteristics

Contrary to its prequel, this specific episode of Battlefield have got new features. In Battlefield 4, you are able to counter melee assaults. Moreover, you should use dual-scoped guns and even you'll be able to swim underwater.

The multiplayer contains three groups where you can stand: Russians, Chineses or Americans. In the multiplayer, it is possible to choose wherever you'll stay: Russians, Chineses or Americans.

It has been included even the new famous gameplay mechanic, the "Levolution". Favor the player, dynamically change the battlefield, thus changing, even so, significantly physiognomy of the map, are all features of Levolution.

We found exactly the same four kits from Battlefield 3: Engineer can be utilized with PDWs; Assault has now to attend to recharge his defibrillator until utilizing it; the Recon is able to use more accessories and optics to his sniper rifle, as well as make use of carbines and C4; Support is able to use remote mortar.

Attack jet and stealth jet are actually added in Battlefield 4, together with completely new vehicles and aircraft. Personalization has been enhanced, and now all of the vehicles and gun may be customized using camos.

The most important innovation within Battlefield 4 is surely the morphology of the video game map: let me analyze it.


The most important Levolution occasion within this map is made by increasing the pression of two pipes located in an subterranean passage, in the proximity of flag B and then D.

Flood Zone

Attack the levee positioned to the North of flag B. Water definitely will flow and then flood the whole map, hence the infantry will likely need to battle through the homes of the structures.

Golmund Railway

If you like fireworks and explosions, you might like to detonate a few explosives put throughout the map. This is the greatest Levolution event through this map.

Hainan Resort

Have you ever considered hotel prices are way too high? You can obtain vengeance on them, simply by destroying their own right or left side.

Lancang Dam

Damage the levee situated to the North of the map. The water definitely will flow and consequently the levee will definitely block part of the map.

Operation Locker

The main Levolution event in this map is made by just destroying the guard structure which houses flag C.

Paracel Storm

In order to induce the Levolution system in this particular map you must overwhelm the actual windmill on fire through the storm. Your own ship will joyfully crash together with the building close to flag C.

Rogue Transmission

The biggest Levolution event in this particular map is made by destroying two of the three cable groups based close to flag A and also E (every group consists of five wires).

Siege of Shangai

Destroy the pillars of the giant skyscraper nearby flag C. The building will definitely collapse and a dust will cover the vast majority of the map.

Zavod 311

Detonate the bomb by simply triggering the countdown within the laptop situated nearby flag D. The chimney will drop, blocking the route backward and forward the structures for vehicles.


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