Google presents Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G Review

I think it was in August 2012 that Google acquired Motorola. Almost everybody expected something amazing by this company (who had said the recent Nexus?). But nevertheless afterwards, certainly no new Nexus was introduced, and neither a top-class device, but also a newer, cool, low-end device.


Moto G features a built-in Snapdragon 400 processor and an Adreno 306 GPU, to obtain rapid performances together in computational and also design tasks. The hardware is definitely not top-notch, though concurrently will surely never ever disappoint you (It's actually a quad core!).

Moto G features 1GB of Ram memory and an internal memory (non-expandable) of 8/16 GB.

Very best thing about this mobile phone is surely its display. Motorola didn't economize on the display: certainly, it provides a shiny as well as brilliant panel, which features specs of a high-medium tier device, such as the 1280*720px resolution, the contrasts and the black point.

A 2070 mah battery is situated within the back cover, enabling the phone go through a day with little problems. Regrettably, it hasn't already NFC or maybe LTE.


In contrast to various other high-quality devices made from plastic (*coughing* Galaxy S4... *coughing*), the device is very handy. It does not equip a big display, therefore its measures are restrained.

The phone can be purchased in numerous colors.

Performance and Software

There is really nothing to point out regarding Motorola's software, that works a lot better than its rivals.

It handles the RAM well, closing needless apps without creating delays. Whatever task you are asking this smartphone to do, it won't make you wait almost any seconds.


Motorola provided a 5 Mpx camera in the Moto G, in addition to a 1,3 Mpx front camera. However even though it hasn't top-notch camera specs, the photos (in very good situations) are general good for the purchase price.


The price of the device is actually unbelievably good, at 179/199$ for the 8/16 GB version. At this cost, it definitely overcomes the competition.
Do we advise it? Absolutely yes!

Final Mark: 9


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