Finishing Beyond: Two Souls in various ways

Guide to all Beyond: Two Souls endings

A number of you asked us what we think regarding Beyond: Two Souls, we replied it has been upon our personal top 5 games of this year. Why then not do an article regarding it? Here we are currently, describing you the way to get all the different endings of the game.

Everyone Lives - Chose Beyond

You have to select "Beyond" at the end of the game, leaving everybody live:

1. Walter & Jimmy - Rescue the first on the first floor of the building on fire in chapter "Homeless", recovery the second one on the second floor.
2. Paul - Save him healing his injuries with Aiden, at the end of the chapter Navajo.
3. Save Norah within the "Norah" chapter, through not halting the heart of your mother.
4. Save Cole by curing his injuries within the chapter Black Sun, then later on tell Dawking to Move two times, Ryan will appear right after his death.

Everyone Dies - Chose Beyond

Obtain this ending allowing Walter, Jimmy, Paul, Norah, Cole and so Ryan die. Consequently at the end select "Beyond".

Within the latest chapter of the game, don't solve just about any QTE, Jodie will die and you will obtain this additional final.

Live with Jay

Enable everyone live or die - it really is not important -, at the conclusion select "Life" and choose to spend your lifetime with Jay.

Live with Zoey

Opt to spend your lifetime with the just born Zoey, after you have chosen Life.

Live Alone

Opt for Life after the video game, and so spend your leftover life by yourself. You make the others live or die.

Live with Ryan

Enable everyone (with the exception of Ryan, that has obviously to live) live or die, then opt for "Life" and choose to spend your life together with Ryan.


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